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Grizz Creative is a video production company focused on creating original commercials, creative videos, and short-form branding content. Our passionate, award-winning team has told stories for brands and artists all over the country, helping them engage with their audience in digital and traditional media. 



From concept to execution, we got you covered. 

We Speak Your Language

Our team comes with background in media experience. We understand the needs of the corporate world, and we know how to deliver what you need.

We Are Great Listeners

When you sit down with the Grizz team, you can expect us to ask you many questions and listen to what you have to say. First we determine your needs, then we get creative.

We Are Artisans

Everyone in our team is specialized in their craft to tell your story through its proper medium. We collaborate together and execute the project in its most effective form.

We Create Partnerships With A Trusted Client Base

Grizz can be viewed as an extension to your company. We are always ready to provide extra video and photography services when you need it.

Some brands we’ve worked with

Our process

Pre-Production (Planning)

The pre-production process is when we work on the vision. We lay out the frame work for what we are going to do as a team, and we prepare for production by coordinating actors, locations, crew, and more. We develop and refine a script that effectively delivers the messaging you need. We work on all the shoot logistics for the day of. By the end of this process, we are prepared to execute filming so that we can deliver the most cinematic product for you.

Production (Shooting)

The fun part! This is where we make some movie magic and film all the footage we need. We will work with your team to ensure they comfortably understand exactly what we are doing. This is also where we conduct interviews for testimonials and any additional staged sequences we need to put together. The objective is to get all the footage we need to make the best final product.

Post-Production (Editing)

After consolidating all the footage we captured, we begin cutting it all up and selecting the best moments for the final video. We lay out a timeline with music and sound effects to create the best experience for the viewer. This is also where we work on animation and graphics, and color grade our footage to ensure the cinematic quality you expect. After feedback from you and your team, we wrap up the video and send you a high quality file ready for distribution.

Meet the team


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