Boca Christian School

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Client Background

The vision of Boca Raton Christian School is to develop Christian leaders of influence for tomorrow. Boca Raton Christian School seeks to encourage children to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ in a nurturing atmosphere of academic excellence. They believe that a team approach–with the school, home, and church working together–builds a strong foundation, and enables each child to become the uniquely gifted individual God intends. Ecclesiastes 4:12 states, “…a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”


In 2017, Bill Hood, the Director of Development at Boca Christian, reached out to Grizz asking that we create a video for his “Blazing Ahead” fundraising initiative. The goal is to inspire possible patrons to donate money for their program.


Bill Hood asked our team what we thought would be an effective way to motivate patrons to donate money to this fundraiser initiative. Our team determined that the “documentary testimonial” approach would be best, with alumni interviews about why their experience at the school was so valuable.

After we agreed on concept, Grizz coordinated logistics in pre-production to prepare for the interviews and B-roll. We worked together with the client to schedule all interview slots, and started the process. Production days went smoothly, taking only 3 days total to gather all our content.

In post-production, our editors crafted exactly the story the client needed. Officially released at their big kick-off event, the video was a success, helping Boca Christian achieve their mission.

Client Testimonial

“Thankful for the excellent job that Andre and [his team] did to make our Alumni feel totally comfortable and at ease during the interviews!! Thank you Grizz!!”

– Bill Hood, Director of Development