Boca Raton FC

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Client Background

Boca Raton Football Club is a semi-professional soccer team playing in the National Premier Soccer League and American Premier Soccer League founded in 2015 by local businessmen, athletes, and soccer fans.

Boca Raton FC is a team that has had remarkable success ever since its inception, wining 4 championship titles and garnering immense local support. But the club has made an impact far beyond just Boca Raton. They have built a devoted fan base in Brazil, Eastern Europe, and more. For over three years, the club has shown itself to be a global brand capable of competing at a high-level.


Boca FC came to Grizz to shoot a series of soccer matches versus some professional teams from around the world. Afterwards, they asked us to take some of their compiled footage from their history, and to make a promotional video explaining them and their brand.


After identifying their needs, our team went out to various matches to capture powerful footage that would properly represent the client’s brand. Using our drones and 4k cameras, we got the content we needed. The client had a hard drive of their past reels, along with footage from international interviews, and we pieced it all together and recorded a professional voice over that delivered exactly what they needed.

Client Testimonial

“Fantastic! We can utilize this video in so many ways. Thanks so much.”

Kartik Krishnaiyer, VP of Communications