City of Boca Raton

Project Details







Client Background

In 2010, an Economic Development Fund was created and funded for the City of Boca Raton, Florida. One of the primary uses of the fund is to provide incentives for companies seeking to relocate or expand within the City and help them in the process.


The City of Boca Raton approached Grizz and expressed their necessity of a corporate video that would attract national brands across the country to their beautiful city. They wanted to feature specific CEOs and industries in the city to show how powerful of a business community it has. They also needed material to satisfy a 30 second national TV spot on ESPN during the Boca Raton Bowl.


We mapped out all the needs of the client and pitched a project we saw was viable that fit within their budget. The concept revolved around us interviewing several high-profile CEOs of major companies in the city, overlaid with beautiful shots of the City emphasizing their main goal that Boca Raton is a city built around business and pleasure.

The City quickly approved the pitch, and our two organizations worked in conjunction to plan the logistics of filming our interviews. The City was able to bring in the CEOs of three major companies in town: Cross Country Healthcare (NASDAQ: CCRN), Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and 3Cinteractive.

The interviews were spread into three separate production days, with an additional production day for our team to gather the beautiful city shots of the Boca Lake, Beach, and general city Areals.

After the production, the Grizz team took care of the entire post-production process, and fashioned the full video featured, along with a 30 second version for national broadcast.