Via Haircare

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Client Background

Via Haircare was born in Beverly Hills just like Via Haircare founder, Lior Miles. Lior grew up in the beauty industry observing her family’s beauty business. Her passion for beauty products organically grew to a career when she successfully formulated her own hair mask for her and her friends living in Beverly Hills. They needed a product that protected their hair from the heat and sun, but also sustained the healthy lifestyle that they learned growing up in California. As clean beauty quickly becomes better understood across the country, women seek beauty products with safe ingredients that can be found in nature. Lior discovered the natural UV protection of sunflower seed extract and made this ingredient the base of her formula. She set out to local farmers markets to complete her formula rich in natural botanicals. Her research paid off.


The Via marketing team needed a series of content packages that would allow them to promote their new brand to an interested client base. They wanted a mixture of video and photography that captured the essence of their spirit.


The Via marketing team met up with Grizz and discussed their needs for social content. Grizz Creative put together a custom social media package that they couldn’t refuse!

Client Testimonial

“Thank you! Just what they needed…”

Kyle Catinella, Via Account Executive