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Grizz Creative - Commercial Video Production Company

Your video people.

Video is a vital medium to engage with clients and potential customers. No matter the context, Grizz Creative is ready to deliver your professional video. Our team will make the process easy for you by guiding you every step of the way.



Call us for a free consultation at 
(561) 253-0918


National brands and small businesses choose Grizz Creative for their video production. See why.

In an effort to target a new audience, West Virginia-based Valley College hired Grizz Creative to produce a 30 second TV commercial for their new Ohio branch.

VitalUSA is revolutionizing the way vital signs are detected. Grizz Creative was tasked with crafting an effective video that would make their VitalDetect device look unique, and that would also tell the story behind their company.

Los Bocados was named the #1 burrito in Florida by Insider Magazine. They needed professional branded content to promote their company to their customers online. Grizz created an engaging video that captured the artistic process behind the kitchen.

Place of Hope is one of the largest state-licensed children’s organization in Florida. Grizz Creative was tasked to produce a 30 minute film for their Human Trafficking Education and Awareness program that would be exhibited in schools and businesses across the state.

Grizz Creative has worked with various artists to produce music videos, shorts, behind the scenes works, and live shows. In this highlight reel, you can see some of our material from our favorite shoots!

REMfresh is a melatonin product distributed at Wal-Mart, CVS, and more. Grizz created videos to re-market to customers who left their website without purchasing an item. As these missed customers browsed the internet, they would see our videos appear in the middle of their favorite content, guiding them back to the REMfresh website.

Boca Raton Christian School is a private school that was looking to recruit new students for their upcoming semester. Grizz Creative helped them find the right student parents who would be the most effective at telling their story.

HiJinks Sports Grill was hosting the biggest game of the year, and they needed to capture that moment for years to come. Grizz Creative was brought in and asked to highlight the festivities of the night.


This is André. He leads our video team.

André has been working with cameras since he was 12 years old. It started with his YouTube channel, where he would post funny videos for his friends to see. With a little bit of passion and focus (and the help of a lot of people), he grew up to found Grizz Creative. His films have been featured at various festivals around the country, and his commercials have aired on channels like ESPN. André is currently busy working on his next film project and, if you’re interested, your next video.

Need help?
Call/text him yourself at (561) 253-0918.


“I would recommend André to anyone who is looking to up their game on the video front. He was very professional and fun to work with. It’s clear to me that this is his passion. His vision and ideas will be perfect for your next video project.”

Stephen Chip

“Working with Andre and his team has been an amazing experience. Every step of the way was professional, and I was happy that we got all the photos and videos done so quickly. Andre had ideas that I never would have thought of and that’s a key part of what makes his service so special. The quality of his finished product is exceptional and I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

Nadine Heitz, Esq.
Heitz Immigration Law

“I have been incredibly impressed with the work Andre and the entire Grizz team have done for us. Their work has helped us bring in many new students as well as new financial support. I would highly recommend Grizz to anyone who is looking for a professional video team!”

Bill Hood
Boca Raton Christian School


(561) 253-0918